I was in Quesnel this summer, walking along the side of the highway, waiting for a break in traffic so I could cross. I saw a convoy of military vehicles approaching me, which reminded me of when I used to teach for the Korean Military. Naturally, I smiled at the memory of old friends, and the driver of the first vehicle saw me smiling and waved at me. So, of course, I waved at him, which prompted the driver of the vehicle behind him to smile and wave at me as well. And so I returned the smile and wave, and so it went for about twenty army jeeps and trucks. I must have smiled and waved at fifty or sixty young soldiers in a row, and it tickled me that I just couldn’t let myself stop waving at them, because the guys at the end of the line might feel slighted if I didn’t return their greetings. I hope it meant something to them, to see a woman stop in her tracks to smile bemusedly at truck after truck, waving and making eye contact with each soldier inside. It certainly made my day.