The tickets are bought, the travel insurance is in place, and the destination has been chosen! I am so ready to leave!

Ellen and I are leaving my parents’ place on Saturday morning, taking the bus to Vancouver. Our flight isn’t until Monday, but neither of us is comfortable risking inclement weather preventing our departure from the island. We’ve been delayed too many times in the past by floods closing roads, high winds keeping ferries in port, and fog grounding planes. The rain is continuous but not heavy, so we hope our good luck with weather continues.

We’ll spend the weekend in Vancouver, enjoying the last of our favourite West Coast cuisine like sushi and dim sum before we enter a new land of untried foods. We’ll probably hit up a local brewery like Steamworks or Granville Island to enjoy a couple of pints, just as a baseline for comparison, of course! And first thing Monday morning, we’re off to the airport to hop a flight to San Jose!

When we get there, we’ve decided our first order of business is to visit a beach and arrange some kind of tour to take place in our first week. Our friend in San Jose will host us in our second week, and from there we have no idea what we’ll be doing. Suggestions in or around Costa Rica, anyone?

Someplace like this looks perfect!