Ellen and I shaved our heads today! We had so much fun doing it, too! Ellen wanted to donate her hair to make a wig for charity, and I just decided that if she was shaving her head, I would too!

Here’s a before picture, from back in September.

Here we are in September when we both had long hair.

Ellen tied her hair up in pigtails so we could make sure the hair we cut off was long enough to donate. The local places take hair from six to twelve inches long, and Ellen’s pigtails were just about 10 to 12 inches, so they were perfect!

Look at Ellen’s adorable pigtails! They’re too cute not to donate to people who need hair!

Shaving Ellen’s hair took three rounds. First, I cut off the hair for donation with scissors before we got down to the shaving. The second time, I shaved her head with a 3/4″ blade on the shaver. Finally, I trimmed it up with the 1cm blade.

Here I am hacking Ellen’s pigtails off with scissors. You can see my hair was already cut short, which I did about three weeks ago.

I had so much fun cutting her hair off that Ellen was getting jealous. Luckily, I was jealous of how awesome it looked, so when I finished her we traded places.

You can tell I’m concentrating on shaving Ellen’s head because my tongue is sticking out. We’re not exactly sure what Ellen is doing with her hands – maybe kung fu?

When we had both had our heads shaved, we spent a good ten minutes trying to get a picture in which one or the other of us (usually me) didn’t look crazy. This was the best we got, but you can barely see Ellen’s haircut because she left her beautiful bangs long to frame her face.

The least-insane expression on our faces as we show off the results of our labours!

Here you can see Ellen’s cut from the side, which gives you a much better idea of it. And look! Neither of us needs to take a brush or comb on vacation! And it feels so soft and smooth. I love having my head shaved!

Ellen’s got this neat look with the super-long bangs and the shaved head.