Happy Thanksgiving to my friends from the US of A. I thought I’d share something I’m thankful for – delicious food! Trying new foods is one of the best parts of travelling, and Ellen and I have been enjoying our exposure to traditional Costa Rican fare. One of our favourites is Gallo Pinto, beans and rice served with just about everything, especially for breakfast.
This morning I made my first gallo pinto at the farm where I’m staying as a volunteer. The recipe is simple – cook separately equal parts white rice and black beans (with salt and a speck of garlic), while you fry up some onions and tomatoes. Mix the whole lot together in a frying pan, and flavour it with cilantro and salsa (a generic term for sauce – the one I used was greenish – I imagine any old sauce or salsa you like to eat would taste good). Cook for a few minutes until well-combined and then serve.
So far in Costa Rica, I’ve had gallo pinto served with cheese-covered corn tortillas, with eggs, with french fries and avocado, with bacon, with a quiche-like dish, with nachos and guacamole, and with fried bananas. It goes with pretty much everything and can be served at every meal. I have heard people complain about being sick of it, but I certainly would gladly continue to eat it every day for the rest of my trip, as I suspect I will.
I wouldn’t want you to think that’s the only thing I’m thankful for, though! I am also thankful for the warm weather, the feel of dirt between my toes (and under my fingernails, in my hair, on my clothes…), the three square inches of my legs that aren’t covered in bug bites, clothes that smell of things other than sweat, and just generally being here, doing something new and exciting.