One of the things that amazes me about Costa Rica is just the amount of life everywhere, and how fiercely it grows. Things grow everywhere. Plants that would be grasses at home are practically trees here. Mosses grow on trees at home, but here mosses grow on vines which climb up trees growing out of other trees. Every square inch here is just teeming with life!


You wouldn't believe it, but this is a fence.

Take fence posts, for example. In BC, we use treated wood for building fences. Here, fences are alive! Apparently, they take trees that are edible to cows and cut off the upper branches that are out of reach. These branches are plunked into the ground where they take root and grow. Along the sides of country roads and highways alike, the fences are lush and green.


See the shoots ready to become new shrubs?

Here on the farm we’re volunteering at, the farmer has pointed out places where he wants us to plant vegetables or flowers. The instructions for planting are just astounding to me. Just break the top off the spinach plant and put the stalk in the ground, and it’ll grow a new plant. See where this flower is growing shoots? Just cut the flower and pop it into the dirt, and a new bush will grow. I swear, plants don’t grow like this in Canada. And they’re everywhere! Anywhere I look there’s bananas or pineapples or oranges or potatoes. Life just won’t be stopped here.


So much food growing here all the time!

It’s not just the plants, either. Birds and butterflies and ants and dogs and cows and monkeys – all alive, eating, surviving, thriving in this mass of life that is Costa Rica. One of the farm’s dogs used to be a stray. He wandered into town along the highway, intimidating larger dogs and fighting to stay alive. He hung out in town for a while, but killed somebody’s chickens and was slated to be killed when our host farmer decided to adopt him. He’s just another example of how determined things are to survive here. I’m sure Costa Rica has its share of death and disaster, but right now I’m blown away by its share of life and abundance.