Ellen and I lucked out, and within an hour of getting to a hostel in Panama City, we had arranged passage on a boat to Colombia, and a ride on a 4×4 jeep to the coast to meet our boat.
By the time you read this, we will already be on the boat. I’m writing this before bed Sunday night. The jeep picks us up Monday morning at 5am outside our hostel, to take us on the three or four hour drive to the coast near the San Blas Islands. I think we get shuttled to an island before we meet our boat that will carry us to Colombia.
We’ll be on the water five days, stopping at several islands to camp on the beach or see sights. Some boats do snorkelling or diving. We don’t know exactly what our trip includes, but it’s sure to be an adventure. And we’ll be on a boat!


None of these boats is ours. Ours is further from the city.

I’ve set up a few extra posts to go up while we’re out of internet service, so you can still check back here this week. Real-time posts will resume around December 22nd. See you then!