Now that Ellen and I are in Colombia at our cousin’s house, we are looking into volunteer opportunities nearby. Most of the time this is an exciting part of the volunteer process – imagining possibilities, contacting potential projects, researching organizations in the area, and ultimately selecting the right experience for us.
This time, however, I’m getting frustrated. I want to find something where we’re working with wildlife, but we haven’t heard of or seen any opportunities in Colombia. I would prefer to organize our position independently, but every wildlife organization I’ve found with projects in Colombia wants you to volunteer through a British or American charity, or just donate funds. There must be some projects here, but we haven’t found them yet, and I don’t want to pay a fee to view the list of projects run by this charity or that, only to find they’re all expensive ecotourism opportunities for $850 a week.
So, we’re still making up our minds. We might volunteer at a hostel and ask people where they’ve been, or stay on a farm and leave wildlife for another country. Or maybe the perfect opportunity is right around the corner, and we are about to find it.